The Fifth Finnish-Hungarian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

28–29 May 2018
Central European University, Budapest

Monday, 28 May

10.00 Anna Ortín Nadal (Edinburgh):
Descartes’ Criterion for the Distinction Between Primary and Secondary Qualities

11.15 Saja Parvizian (UIC):
Descartes on the Problem of Knowledge Preservation

14.00 Robert Matyasi (Toronto):
Spinoza on Objective Being and Modality

15.15 Barnaby R. Hutchins (Ghent/Alpen-Adria):
Spinoza and the Attributes: The Standpoint Interpretation

16.30 Banafsheh Beizaei (NYU):
Conception and the Role of the Insofar in Spinoza’s Ethics

Tuesday, 29 May

10.00 Thomas Feeney (University of Saint Thomas (MN)):
Leibniz’s Ideal Monism, or What It Takes to be a Substance

11.15 Andrew Ward (York):
How Sceptical is Hume’s Theory of Personal Identity?

14.00 Charles T. Wolfe (IAS CEU/Ghent):
Locke and Projects for Naturalizing the Mind in the 18th Century

15.15 Umrao Sethi (Lehman College, CUNY):
Mind-Dependence in Berkeley and the Problem of Perception