The Fourth Finnish-Hungarian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

29–30 May 2017
University of Turku

Monday, 29 May

10.30 Martin Benson (Stony Brook):
The Power of Affectivity: The Ground of the Good in Spinoza’s Ethics

11.30 Daniel Fogal (Uppsala):
Descartes and the Possibility of Enlightened Freedom

13.30 Laetitia Ramelet (Lausanne):
Pufendorf’s Solution to the Puzzle of Consent and Natural Law

15.00 Martin Pickup (Oxford):
The Infinity of Analysis and Leibniz’s Problems of Proof

16.00 Mike Griffin (CEU):
Leibniz on Infinite Analysis

Tuesday, 30 May

10.30 Ville Paukkonen (Helsinki):
Berkeley’s Theory of Agent Causation: Finite and Infinite Agents and the Question of Necessary Connections

11.30 Julia Jorati (Ohio State):
Emilie du Châtelet’s Agent-Causal Compatibilist Theory of Freedom

13.30 Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere) & Todd Ryan (Trinity College):
Hume on Possible Duration without Possible Temporal Parts

15.00 Sebastian Bender (HU Berlin) & Till Hoeppner (Potsdam):
Leibniz and Kant on Representations and Minds

16.00 Dai Heide (Simon Fraser):
A Mereological Argument for the Non-Spatiotemporality of Things in Themselves